outdoor shutters in DFW, TX

Outdoor Shutters in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Including Weatherwell Elite & Motorized Rolling Shutters

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Our outdoor shutters provide a wide range of benefits for our clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Whether you need additional protection from the powerful Texas sun, want to protect your windows from storms and debris, or just want to make your home more convenient, exterior shutters may be the perfect solution. Whether you're looking for privacy shutters in Dallas-Fort Worth for your home or additional security and protection for your Dallas business, Blinds Brothers has a window treatment for you.

  • Save on Energy Bills 💰
  • Keep Your Home Cool ❄️
  • Protect Your Home From Storms 🌩️
  • Reduce Glare in Bright Rooms ☀️
  • Improve Security & Safety 🔐

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Our Selection of Outdoor Shutters in Dallas-Fort Worth

At Blinds Brothers, we offer 2 different options for outdoor shutters for homes and businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Weatherwell Elite shutters offer the more traditional home shutter for use to cool down the home or outdoor areas. Tucson Rolling Shutters are an excellent choice for businesses and residences that are looking to lock down outside of operating hours. Learn more about our different outdoor shutter options below. 

Weatherwell Elite Shutters

At Blinds Brothers, we want to make sure you can find the shutters that are right for your home in Dallas-Fort Worth. That’s why we carry lots of colors and styles of aluminum outdoor shutters. We strive to give you complete freedom in designing the perfect outdoor shutters for your home. Weatherwell Elite Shutters are the premier choice for sun control, outdoor comfort, and an overall more enjoyable home.

Tucson Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters can be mounted over windows, doors, patios or anywhere a secure insulated barrier is needed. The interlocking slats are aluminum and filled with dense ecologic foam to maintain temperature regulation and rigidity. Exterior rolling shutters can help protect your Dallas-Fort Worth home while making your home more energy efficent.

Click through the tabs below to see the differences & benefits between Weatherwell Elite & Rolling Shutters.

Weatherwell Elite Shutters
Rolling Shutters
weatherwell elite shutters in DFW, TX

Weatherwell Elite

Use your outdoor area 365 days of the year!  These aluminum outdoor shutters combine cutting edge engineering with a beautiful design to produce a shutter unlike anything seen on the market to date. Other wind rated and security aluminum shutters sacrifice beauty in order to gain functionality. The Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutter collection unites design with usability to create the ultimate window treatment.

With blades that are fully lockable at any position and a frame designed to conceal the internal blade rotation mechanism, this two-part aluminum shutter frame is designed to hide all screws resulting in no visible fixings.

  • Enclose a balcony or patio
  • Create an outdoor room like an outdoor kitchen
  • Add shutters for additional security
  • Give strength and durability in high traffic areas with kids or pets
  • Protect your home against intruders
weatherwell elite shutters in DFW, TX


Weatherwell Shutter Colors



Textured Bronze

Textured Black


Installation Types

Weatherwell Elite outdoor shutters are available in a variety of installation styles including, fixed panel, sliding bi-fold, traditional hinged, sliding, and Bahama style.


Fixed Panel

bi fold

Sliding Bi-fold


Traditional Hinged







3½”  elliptical shaped

Panel Depth

1½” depth


Matte, semi-gloss, anodized, Decoral wood grain textured powder coats

Blade Stay™

Holds louvers in place. Option to have with or without

Security Options

Key lock and shoot bolt options

Wind Ratings

50 psf and a 70 psf design overload

Max Widths

9¾” to 60″ *Maximum widths differ on installation methods

Max Heights

15¾” to 120″

Outdoor Shutters Gallery

rolling shutters in DFW, TX

Rolling Shutters

Installing Rolling Shutters might seem like a big investment, however, the benefits will often outweigh the cost. This is especially true for an area like Dallas-Fort Worth, where the sun is intense and the stormy weather can be severe.

Here are some reasons that rolling shutters are great choice for your Dallas-Fort Worth home or business:

weatherwell elite shutters in DFW, TX

Beat the Heat

Everyone knows that summer in Texas is no joke. With temperatures breaking 100 degrees F and the sun beating down, your home can feel like a sweat lodge. Even your air conditioning can’t always keep up with the heat, especially if your windows face east or west or your AC unit is exposed to direct sunlight. Rolling shutters will help keep the oppressive summer sun out of your home’s interior, reducing the strain on your cooling system and protecting your interior from being sun bleached.

Weather the Storm

One of the biggest benefits of outdoor shutters is that they can offer increased protection against the elements, even major storms. Sometimes referred to as “roll up shutters”, “roll down shutters”, or “rolling storm shutters”, they are designed to stop small pieces of flying debris that would otherwise damage or break your windows. The peace of mind alone is often worth the cost of rolling shutters as you won’t have to worry as much the next time a big storm is about to hit Dallas or Fort Worth.

rolling shutters in DFW, TX

Improved Privacy

Fences and window curtains are nice, but neither can offer the level of privacy of our rolling shutters. With the touch of a button, you can open or close all or some of your rolling shutters, allowing you to decide how visibly accessible your home is to the outside world. Our rolling shutters don’t just offer visual privacy, they also dampen sound from entering or exiting your home which is perfect if you want to have a party, loud movie night or enjoy a peaceful sleeping environment.

rolling shutters in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Security Solutions

The ability to control interior visibility, coupled with the option to lockdown your windows and doorways, make rolling shutters the perfect addition to your home security setup. If someone can’t see into your home, they can’t “case” or evaluate the interior, making your home less of a “soft target”.

Rolling shutters in DFW, TX

Reduce Insurance Costs

If an insurance company sees your home as low risk, you can often turn that into lower insurance costs. With our rolling shutters’ variety of security and storm protection features, you can make a strong case to your insurance company and benefit from a reduced insurance premium.

rolling shutters in DFW, TX

Increase Home Value

Our rolling shutters are installed to your home’s unique dimensions and layout. This can include everything from size and shape to colors and material. We will work with you to find the perfect rolling shutter setup that not only protects your home, but improves its aesthetic and appeal.

Help the Environment

The better you can regulate the temperature of your home, the less you will need to use your heating and cooling systems. The less that your system is working, the less energy it will need to function. By reducing energy consumption, you can help mitigate your environmental footprint and reduce your utility bills.


There are few better ways to keep your home comfortable than with our rolling shutters system. Our shutters feature a modern foam core that stops 99% of the radiant heat from entering your home. This is especially crucial in Dallas and Forth Worth, as we all know too well how intense the sun and heat can get in the sweltering summer months.



40mm Standard Slat

Our outdoor shutter slats are made of aluminum, filled with a dense yet eco-friendly foam that adds strength and additional insulation. Our standard 40mm slat is our most commonly used slat and can cover openings out to 12 feet, depending on the height. 

55mm Patio Slat

Our 55mm slat is used for wider openings and free expanses that sit between posts and columns. These slats interlock to prevent separation under any load. Perfect for use on applications of up to 16 feet wide, depending on the height. 

55mm Heavy Duty Extruded Slat

These heavy-duty extruded slots add additional strength, security, and impact resistance. These have a hollow center and dead air space for added insulation. 
*Only available via special order, check with us for colors and availability.

70mm Extruded End-Retention Slat

Our first test unit of 13 feet wide by 17 feet tall passed a wind speed pressure test of over 250 mph. We stopped testing only because the equipment was at max capacity. We never saw a slat fail, and it’s likely that these shutters can withstand the strongest winds on earth. 


Slat Colors


Automation and Motorization 

Rolling shutters are typically controlled with a motor using a built-in radio receiver. With one touch of the transmitter, you can lower, stop, and raise your shutters. A transmitter can operate each shutter one by one, or as a group. Our remotes are the best choice for flexibility in regards to upgrades and integration. 


Square Handheld Radio Remote

Our magnetic wall-mounted base allows you to conveniently store your remote at all times. Our remotes are available in both single or 15-channel. With single-channel remotes, you can control one shutter or one group of shutters. 15-channel remotes can control up to 15 shutters, separately or all at once. 


Radio Wall Switch

Our wall switches are also available in single or 15-channel control options. Control one shutter or 15 at a time with our wall switch. Our wall switch also includes a master channel, allowing you to control everything at the same time. You can use our wall switch with both the Hub connector and the accompanying mobile app. 


Hub Connector

You can program our Hub Connector to operate your rolling shutters. With the Connector app, you can operate the radio transmitter motor individually or as a group, even when you’re not at home. Our Hub Connector is a great choice for the smart home with easy integration options with Alexa and Google Home. 


The Connector Mobile App

We offer a free app that allows you to control your shutters from your phone. With the app, you can create different scenes for how you’d like to use your shutters, including a timing function for operations at times set by you. Alexa can also control your rolling shutters for you with our app. 

Advanced Design Specs

Rolling Shutters Features

Privacy and Protection

Control the visibility of your home’s interior with the push of a button.

Heat & Glare Protection

100% of UV rays are eliminated, protecting your eyes and your interior.

Lower Energy Bills

Better regulated room temperatures mean less money on energy bills.

No Visibility From Outside

Rolling shutters ensure that no passers by or nosey neighbors are able to see into your home.

Custom Fitting

One size does not fit all. We fit your shutters to your home’s unique dimensions.

Motorized Control

You won’t have to struggle to open or close your shutters with wall switches, radio remotes, or home automation.

Remote Operated

Open, close, or adjust your shutters, from anywhere, with your smartphone.

Storm Protection

Easily open and close your shutters to protect your windows and interior.

Color Options

We can match our shutters to your home’s aesthetic to create the perfect facade.

Outdoor Shutters Gallery

Get Started!

You don’t have to wait for summer or the stormy season to invest in outdoor custom shutters for your Forth Worth or Dallas area home. Get ahead of the curve by scheduling an appointment with our exterior home improvement and window treatment experts today! We will come to your home and create a customized plan that addresses your needs, budget, and the unique dimensions of your home, windows, and doors. We want you to love your new shutters, so let us show you how much easier your life can be with our modern and affordable outdoor shutter systems!

  • No glare on your TV or screens
  • Up to 60% noise reduction
  • Manual safety override
  • Protection from sun bleaching
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rolling shutters in DFW, TX

Committed to Your Satisfaction

Good product, good prices, and great people. We got quotes from several blind and shutter companies and we have no regrets in choosing the Blinds Brothers.
Todd H.
Great local family owned DFW business. They took the time to show us amazing options and demonstrated onsite functionality that ultimately set them apart from the competition and earned our business. The shutters are beautiful and block out the western sun completely. We are so pleased we are going to have them install indoor shades to darken the bedrooms.
Bob P.
I would absolutely recommend Blinds Brothers. First of all, they are a locally owned family business that is great to support. They were professional, trustworthy, and got the job done. They do high-quality work and I’m extremely happy with the results.
Maribel T.

Installing Outdoor Shutters in Dallas-Fort Worth For Over 2 Decades

Blinds Brothers has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area for two decades, learning about homeowners' needs for improving their homes. We provide outdoor custom shutters that serve different purposes, such as Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters for comfort and rolling shutters for security, as well a number of other window treatments. If you're unsure if we cover your neighborhood or city, don't hesitate to call us, and we'll be happy to share the information you're looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can outdoor shutters from Blinds Brothers withstand high winds?

At Blinds Brothers, we offer Weatherwell Elite outdoor shutters. These shutters have a wind rating of 50 psf, meaning they’re capable of handling wind speeds of 141 miles per hour. Any wind speed above 110 miles per hour can cause “Catastrophic damage” according to the National Hurricane Center, and our outdoor custom shutters can handle far above those wind speeds. Get the most protective window treatment around with shutters from Blinds Brothers.

Will shutters make my home dark?

Yes, when closed, our shutters will block up to 99% of the light from making its way into your home. Don’t worry — they’re easy to open and let natural light in when you want it, and simple to close when you want restful and uninterrupted sleep.

Where are your shutters manufactured? 

Blinds Brothers offers Weatherwell Elite outdoor shutters, which are manufactured right here in the state of Texas. You support not only American companies when purchasing from Blinds Brothers, but local Texas companies as well.

What are the benefits of outdoor rolling shutters?

Our rolling shutters can add privacy, security, and comfort to your Dallas-Fort Worth home, while also helping you save on energy bills by blocking out heat. Learn more about the benefits of rolling shutters in our blog post.

What are rolling shutters made from?

Rolling shutters have interlocking slats made of aluminum and filled with dense ecological foam that helps regulate temperature and block 99% of heat from entering your home.

Can rolling shutters be motorized?

Yes, our rolling shutters are motorized and are able to be connected to your home's wi-fi system so you can control them with a remote control or even your cell phone -- whether you're home or not. All you have to do is press a button to open or draw your shutters all at once.

What Else Makes Our Rolling Shutters Convenient?

Rolling shutters don’t just make your life easier by protecting your home, with our modern, electronic control system, you can manage your shutter system with ease. Whether you want remote control, a wall switch, an automated setup, we can design a system that fits your needs and makes your life easier.

  • No glare on your TV or screens
  • Up to 60% noise reduction
  • Manual safety override
  • Lifetime warranty on our Tucson Signature Series Motors and Electronics
  • Protection from sun bleaching

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