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Motorized Outdoor Shades in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

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Our motorized exterior shades are the perfect combination of privacy, energy efficiency, and convenience.

Residents know how intense the sun can get in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, especially in summer. Outdoor shades, also known as exterior screens, exterior blinds, or solar screens, are designed to shield the interior of your home, protecting it from the heat and providing quick and effective privacy. We make it even easier with our integrated control smartphone app, allowing you to open and close your screens with the touch of a button. You can even open and close them when you aren’t home!

If you would like to get started, please call or fill out our contact form - If you would like to learn more, check out our exterior screen guide below:

  • Save on Energy Bills 💰
  • Keep Your Home Cool ❄️
  • Protect Your Home From Insects 🦟
  • Reduce Glare in Bright Rooms ☀️

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solar screens in Fort Worth, TX

Benefits of Solution Screens

We Offer Tucson Rolling Shutters & Screens Products

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Exceptional Heat Protection For Homes in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

Blinds and curtains can only do so much to protect your home from the hottest days in Dallas-Fort Worth and nearby areas. More often than not, such accessories block the view of the outdoors and still allow sun rays to enter your place. If you’re looking for the ultimate shade to protect your home from heat transfer, you’ll need a more effective sun shading solution. That’s where we come in.

You will definitely notice the impact our solar screens have on the heat that enters your Dallas-Fort Worth area home. We design our system to stop 95% of unwanted solar heat before it enters your home or business. Save on unreasonable energy bills and enjoy the coolness of your home with our efficient solar screens in Dallas and Fort Worth.


Different Fabrics To Choose From 

Our most popularly used solar screen fabric options can be found in 5 and 10 percent openness. Based on the openness, they provide 95% and 90% sun protection. Thanks to the darker color of our fabrics, the heat and excess light are absorbed before it passes through. More absorption results in more protection, as well as a clearer view with less glare. Our fabrics come in two main styles: Natte and Satine. Natte offers a standard 2x2 basketweave pattern, while Satine offers a unique and decorative twill weave pattern. Shop our selection of fabrics below. 

Natte 4500

  • 10% openness factor
  • 90% Heat and UV protection
  • Best visibility and great protection
  • 10-year limited warranty

Natte 4505

  • 5% openness factor
  • 95% heat and UV protection
  • Excellent visibility and protection
  • 10-year limited warranty

Natte 4503

  • 3% openness factor
  • 97% heat and UV protection
  • Exceptional protection and privacy
  • 10-year limited warranty

Satine 5705

  • 5% openness factor
  • 95% Heat and UV protection
  • Excellent visibility and protection
  • 10-year limited warranty

Satine 5701

  • 1% openness factor
  • 99% Heat and UV protection
  • Most protection and exceptional privacy
  • 10-year limited warranty

Tuff Insect Screen

  • 45% openness factor provides excellent visibility
  • Protect yourself from pesky bugs
  • Best Outward Visibility
  • 10-year limited warranty

Natte Fabric Colors

We stock a variety of colors for Natte fabrics. See the choices below for readily available options.


Grey/ Charcoal

Charcoal/ Forest

Sable/ Sable/ Fog

Grey/ Grey

Charcoal/ Cocoa/ Fawn

Charcoal/ Charcoal/ Navy

Charcoal/ Cocoa

Grey/ Sable

Charcoal/ Garnet

Sable/ Wood

Sable/ White

Satine Fabric Colors

We stock a variety of colors for Satine fabrics. See the choices below for readily available options.











Screen Housings & Rails

Our solar screens are installed with a powder-coated, durable aluminum housing and rail system. Using extruded T6061 American-made aluminum, powder coated at a USA based manufacturing facility. Our customers can choose from 9 standard colors for their rail and housing system, but we can also custom powder coat. 

5” extruded aluminum housing
Max 19ft.
Max 16ft.
6” extruded aluminum housing
Max 24ft.
Max 16ft.
7” extruded aluminum housing (Used for Solution Xtreme sizing)
Max 32ft.
Max 20ft.


Housing & Rails Standard Colors





Dark Beige

Light Beige


Beige Grey

Ultra Matte Black


Automation & Motorization

Solar screens are typically controlled with a motor using a built-in radio receiver. With one touch of the transmitter, you can lower, stop, and raise your sun screens. A transmitter can operate each screen one by one, or as a group. Our remotes are the best choice for flexibility in regards to upgrades and integration. 


Square Handheld Radio Remote

Our magnetic wall-mounted base allows you to conveniently store your remote at all times. 

Our remotes are available in both single or 15-channel. With single-channel remotes, you can control one screen or one group of screens. 15-channel remotes can control up to 15 screens, separately or all at once. 


Radio Wall Switch

Our wall switches are also available in single or 15-channel control options. Control one screen or 15 at a time with our wall switch. Our wall switch also includes a master channel, allowing you to control everything at the same time. You can use our wall switch with both the Hub Connector and the accompanying mobile app. 


Hub Connector

You can program our Hub Connector to operate your retractable screens. With the Connector app, you can operate the radio transmitter motor individually or as a group, even when you’re not at home. Our Hub Connector is a great choice for the smart home with easy integration options with Alexa and Google Home. 


The Connector Mobile App

We offer a free app that allows you to control your solar screens from your phone. With the app, you can create different scenes for how you’d like to use your screens, including a timing function for operations at times set by you. Alexa can also control your retractable patio screens for you with our app. 


LiTouch Safety Drive

Our patio screen is reliable due to the all-new LiTouch Safety Drive. With the LiTouch Safety Drive, your screens can travel down without concern regarding obstacles and resistance. Our specialized system will stop if any resistance is encountered, and will continue to move down when free. 


Tucson Adjustable Bottom Bar

The Tucson Adjustable Bottom bar is the easy solution for most patios that sit on a slope. With the Tucson Adjustable Bottom Bar, your screen can sit flat, ensuring complete coverage for your sloped outdoor area. Our adjustable bottom bar automatically adjusts to the slope, and seamlessly returns to level once retracted. 

Before After

S5 Solution Screen System


  • Widths 2 feet to 19 feet wide
  • Height up to 16 feet tall
  • Extruded aluminum housing 5 inches deep by 5 inches tall
  • Extruded aluminum rails 2 inches wide by 1.5 inches deep
  • s5 Bottom bar .875 inches deep by 2.25 inches tall

Best Uses

  • Windows & window walls
  • Doors & sliders
  • Smaller patio openings
  • Widths up to 19
  • Stacking Doors

S56 Solution Screen System


  • Widths 2 feet to 24 feet wide
  • Height up to 16 feet tall
  • Extruded aluminum housing 5.375 inches deep by 6 inches tall
  • Extruded aluminum rails 2 inches wide by 1.75 inches deep
  • Patio Bottom bar 1.75 inches deep by 2.25 inches tall

Best Uses

  • All Patio openings up to 24 feet wide
  • Window walls, stacking doors
  • Windows and doors needing extra pest protection
  • Outdoor living spaces, pool houses, gazebos, ramadas
  • Restaurant seating areas

Xtreme Solution Screen System


  • Widths 2 feet to 32 feet wide
  • Height up to 20 feet tall
  • Extruded aluminum housing 7 inches deep by 7 inches tall
  • Extruded aluminum rails 2 inches wide by 1.5 inches deep
  • Patio Bottom bar 1.75 inches deep by 2.25 inches tall

Best Uses

  • Extra large openings up to 32 feet wide
  • Window walls, stacking doors
  • Extra large openings
  • Outdoor living spaces, pool houses, gazebos, ramadas
  • Restaurant seating areas

Solar Screen Applications

Solar screens are a versatile and innovative solution that can be applied to various areas of a home or commercial space. At Blinds Brothers, we've mastered the art of implementing solar screens in a variety of applications to enhance comfort, aesthetics, and functionality. Here are some key applications where solar screens can make a dramatic difference to your property.


Transform your patio into a year-round oasis with solar screens. They offer the perfect balance of sun control and visibility, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without the harsh glare and heat. Spend more quality time outside while protecting your patio furniture from UV damage.

solar screens in DFW


Solar screens installed on a pergola can create a stylish and functional outdoor space. Enjoy the natural light and gentle breeze while staying cool and shaded. It's an elegant way to elevate the look of your garden and extend your living space.


Garages can become unbearably hot, especially in the Texas heat. Solar screens provide an efficient way to keep this area cooler by allowing air transfer and blolcking the sun’s rays, protecting your vehicles, tools, and equipment. Plus, they add a sleek and modern appearance to your garage doors.

Sliding Glass Doors

Solar screens are an ideal solution for sliding glass doors, offering an unobstructed view while reducing glare and heat. They provide an added layer of privacy and elegance to any room, making your living spaces more comfortable and inviting.

commercial solar screens in DFW

Commercial Applications

In commercial spaces, solar screens provide a valuable solution to enhance energy efficiency and create a comfortable work environment. Whether it's an office building, retail space, or restaurant, solar screens can be customized to fit the unique needs and style of your business.

Advanced Design Specs

Exterior Solar Screen Features

Heat & Glare Protection

95% of UV rays are eliminated, protecting your eyes and your interior.

Lower Energy Bills

Better regulated room temperatures mean less money on energy bills.

Privacy and Protection

Control the visibility of your home’s interior with the push of a button.

Outward Visibility

Enjoy the outdoors while keeping yourself cool and protected from the elements.

Custom Fitting

One size does not fit all. We fit your screens to your home’s unique dimensions.

Motorized Control

You won’t have to struggle to open or close your solar screens with wall switches, radio remotes, or home automation.

Remote Operated

Open, close, or adjust your screens, from anywhere, with your smartphone.

Zip-Tension Design

Designed with constant tension to eliminate gaps and stay secure.

Custom Powder Coating

Gives your solar screens an extra layer of durability and longevity.

About Our Motorized Shades

Blinds Brothers' motorized shades redefine convenience in sun control. They offer a range of remote control options, including the use of your smartphone or smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This easy-to-use technology simplifies the deployment of your exterior shades, enhancing your outdoor living experience in the DFW area like never before.

Remote Control Outdoor Solar Shades

The biggest downside of normal exterior solar screens is having to manually open and close them. This can get tedious, especially as the sun cycles from day to night. With Blinds Brothers’ remote control exterior screen system, you will never have to worry about it again!

Our motorized exterior shades connect to your wi-fi system, allowing you to control them with your smartphone. You can choose which screens to open and close, when, and monitor it all from the convenience of your phone. Our remote control motorized exterior shades aren’t just convenient, they will help to improve home security. You can open and close your screens when you aren’t home, giving the impression someone is home or just simply be able to close them as the sun sets and obscure the interior, without having to go outside.

Motorized Exterior Shades Gallery

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Why Customers Love Our Motorized Exterior Shades 

Heat Reduction

Our motorized exterior shades are a customer favorite for their exceptional ability to reduce heat. By creating a barrier against the intense Texas sun, these shades significantly lower the temperature of your outdoor spaces. This means cooler, more comfortable patios and decks, even during the hottest parts of the day. Enjoy outdoor living without the discomfort of excessive heat.

Daytime Privacy

Another key benefit of our motorized shades is the daytime privacy they offer. These shades are designed to provide you with a secluded haven, where you can relax without the worry of prying eyes. They strike the perfect balance between maintaining your view and ensuring your privacy, making them ideal for homes in close-knit communities or busy urban areas.

Convenient Control

The convenience of our motorized shades can’t be overstated. With a variety of control options at your fingertips, including smartphones and smart home systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, adjusting your sun shades has never been easier. Whether you’re inside your home or out in the yard, you can effortlessly deploy or retract your shades to suit your immediate needs.

Extended Outdoor Living Space

Our motorized exterior shades effectively extend your outdoor living space. By providing protection from the sun and enhancing privacy, they make outdoor areas more livable and inviting. Transform your patio or deck into an additional living room, dining area, or a peaceful retreat for relaxation. With these shades, your outdoor space becomes a versatile extension of your home, perfect for entertainment, relaxation, or enjoying the beauty of the outdoors in comfort.

Committed to Your Satisfaction

Blinds Brothers is a family-owned and operated business. We’re proud to say that throughout 25 years and three generations, we’ve served the Dallas-Fort Worth community and continue to exceed customer expectations. We believe in treating our customers right and guarantee 100% satisfaction with your purchase. Contact us today!

Good product, good prices, and great people. We got quotes from several screen and shutter companies and we have no regrets in choosing the Blinds Brothers.
Todd H.
Great local family owned DFW business. They took the time to show us amazing options and demonstrated onsite functionality that ultimately set them apart from the competition and earned our business. The solar screens are beautiful and block out the western sun completely. We are so pleased we are going to have them install indoor shades to darken the bedrooms.
Bob P.
I would absolutely recommend Blinds Brothers. First of all, they are a locally owned family business that is great to support. They were professional, trustworthy, and got the job done. They do high-quality work and I’m extremely happy with the results.
Maribel T.

Installing Solar Screens in DFW For Over 25 Years

Blinds Brothers has been providing solar screen installation in the Dallas-Fort Worth region for over 25 years, learning what homeowners who wish to improve the comfort of their outdoor areas are looking for. Our motorized exterior shades can provide an additional element of style and comfort to your outdoor living space. If you're uncertain whether we serve your location, feel free to give us a call, and we'll be glad to inform you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of motorized exterior shades?

Exterior shades can keep your home cool by blocking out heat; reduce glare by controlling the amount of sunlight that enters; and protect your home from insects. As an added bonus, you can even save money on energy bills with exterior screens that protect your home from heat.

Which exterior screens are best for my home?

Blinds Brothers is proud to offer Tucson Rolling Shutters' exterior screens, such as Solution Screens, Solution Xtreme, and Cable-Guided Solar Screens. During our initial consultation, we'll take precise measurements of your windows, door, and patios to recommend the exterior screen that may be best for your home.

Can exterior shades be motorized?

Yes, our exterior shades can be motorized, remote-controlled, and even connected to your smartphone so you can open and close your screens even when you're away from home.

How much do motorized exterior shades cost?

The cost of your motorized exterior shades will depend on the size and number of windows you're aiming to cover. For a free estimate, contact Blinds Brothers.

Will solar screens block my outside view? 

Solar screens from the Blinds Brothers offer full visibility, similar to looking through a standard window screen. Don’t worry if you’ll be able to keep an eye on the kids in the pool or the barbecue with a solar screen, as you’ll have no problem seeing the area beyond the screen.

Will people be able to see into my house?

That’s the beauty of solar screens — while your view outside is unobstructed, it blocks outsiders from seeing in during the day.

Do solar screens reduce fading caused by the sun?

Yes! Many of our customers choose solar screens for their patios and porches to protect their expensive outdoor furniture. Whether it’s fabric or wicker, solar screens can stop them from fading entirely, helping exterior furniture keep its like-new appearance for a longer amount of time.

How long do solar screens last?

When shopping with the Blinds Brothers, you can expect your solar screens to last up to 10 years.

Will solar screens darken my home?

Solar screens will make it slightly darker in the room or area of a home they are installed in front of. They should not be thought of as “room darkening” though, similar to something like a blackout shade or rolling shutter. Still, there will be a noticeable difference in the brightness of a room after a solar screen is installed.

What areas are served by Blinds Brothers?

Blinds Brothers serves Fort Worth, Dallas, and the overall surrounding DFW metro area. If you're not sure if we service your area, give us a call or contact us online today and we'll let you know.

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