O'Hair Interior Shutters in Dallas-Fort Worth

All of O’Hair’s wood is responsibly harvested from private and sustainable forests in the United States. Our O’Hair Plantation Wooden Shutters are available in a variety of wood species, including White Poplar, Cypress, Satin Walnut, and Knotty Adler. You can paint or stain any of these natural wooden shutters to match a room’s decor.

Our O’Hair Plantation Shutters are great for any room, be it a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or kitchen. These specialty shaped shutters will fit in arched windows as well as unique window shapes and sliding-glass doors common with Dallas-Fort Worth Area homes.

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Plantation Shutter Styles

At Blinds Brothers, we work with our customers to help them design the perfect shutter for any window or door, in a wide range of styles like midrails, accordions, or even massive panels up to 50” by 130”. 

It’s a little-known fact that there are always slight variations between doors and windows that may look nearly identical within a home. That’s why the Blinds Brothers precisely measure each opening individually, designing your shutters to be the perfect fit. From arched windows to rectangular windows and everything in between, our O’Hair plantation shutters are integrated into the existing architecture as a solid unit, providing a cohesive appearance. 

Precise Engineering

Joinery details are an important part of the design of a top-notch shutter panel. O’Hair produces shutter panels that combine years of experience and construction methods paired with computer-controlled precision, which results in shutter panels that last a lifetime. 

Custom Color Matching

We’ll find the best-suited stain and paint to be custom-matched to your home. Blinds Brothers combine spectrophotometer instrumentation with decades of experience for a unique finish to match your decor.

Expert Integration

Our shutters are designed to perfectly accommodate windows of any kind. Shutters from O’Hair come included with a variety of installation options and are built with architectural integration to produce a masterful design. 

Classic Rectangle

Made to fit the traditional rectangular panel, offered in both accordion and standard designs. 

Pattern Horizontals™

Ideal for curve-top window shapes with matching louver control.

Door Mount Design

Our door-mounted designs offer full access to both door handles and locks. 

Louver Options

Louvers from O’Hair shutters are not only incredibly strong but also remarkably thin. The strength of our shutters can be attributed to the strenuous process of in-house seasoning that we perform on our hardwoods. Unlike other louver designs, O’Hair’s louvers don’t have the excessive thickness typically required to support plastic pins. 

Our lovers are available in a variety of different spacings and depths, from 1 ¾ inch with 1 ½ inch spacings to up to a 5 ¼ inch louver with 5-inch spacing. With a typical 3 by 6-foot window, our five-inch louvers offer a view ratio of over 93%. With superior construction, our louvers have the capability to span shutter panels up to 50 inches wide. 

Three Louvers


Our Townhouse louver offers a refined 1 ½” spacing, making it an ideal choice for smaller windows as well as in more exotic settings. 



Fairway is the most popular louver style we offer. With its generous 3” spacing, It’s a great choice for tall and wide openings and is a great complement to drapery. 



Offering a bold 4” spacing, our Oceanview is the best choice for tall windows in sleek or modern designs. It can also work well in multi and single-section panels. 



Panorama is our widest spacing at 5”, and offers a view ratio of up to 93% for the ultimate pairing of unimpeded view and light control. 

Tilt Options

When it comes to competing interior shutters, one of the major problems homeowners face is the failure of tilt rods. These short stapes fall out, and the plastic linkage breaks, making the system inoperable. Additionally, shutters that are pressed on a single louver will prevent them from closing uniformly. 

Our tilt rods are intended to be used in real homes and they’re designed to last a lifetime. Our shutters feature a continuous aluminum tilt linkage from bottom to top, attached to deep-set stainless steel stables deep within the louver. Our tilt rods are also remarkably straight, even for full-length and oversized panels. 

Tilt Rod Diagram
Center tilt

Traditional Center Tilt

tilt options

Options Split Tilt & More


HorizonTM Edge-mount Tilt


MirageTM Rear Tilt


custom or standard plus select stains

Custom paints and stains from the Blinds Brothers are matched using both a highly experienced eye, as well as our spectrophotometer instrumentation. We can custom match any of our shutters to thousands of colors found across countless paint manufacturers' color decks. We also offer a carefully blended selection of O’Hair StainSelects, which have been developed specifically for application on the hardwood of the shutters.

We offer our standard paint color palette in a selection of 56 white, and white color variants in both a satin and semi-gloss sheen. We can assist you in finding the right color for your shutter every time. 

Stain Selects™

Custom Matching

Popular Colors

Specialty Finishes


Sleek or Natural Textures

We offer our most popular surfaces in a sleek and elegant look that works great for both painted and stained finishes. 

We offer natural grain enhancement for our SandBrushed surfaces. Different from sandblasting, which typically creates a hard and hard-edge finish, our brushing process gently reduces slow growth areas that appear between dark grain elements. This creates a ripple effect pleasing to the eye and pleasant to the touch. 


Our natural smooth texture is what we typically offer for our stained and painted shutters. You can see book-matched wood at certain angles, a telltale sign of hardware construction and not faux wood. 


Sunbrushed shutters offer an enhanced natural grain texture. Using a special brushing process, we bring out the natural hardwood grain. This provides a smoother look and feels than sandblasting. 


At Blinds Brothers, we only offer the real thing. That means no plywood or particleboard, no plastics or imports. We responsibly harvest our hardwood in the United States from private and sustainable forests. Our hardwoods are then cured, in-house, at the O’Haire facility in the state of Texas, over a months-long and multi-stage process to create the perfect balance of strength and moisture content. Then, the wood is prepped and bonded using a book-matching process for strength and beauty.

White Poplar

Our best-selling variety of wood is hands-down poplar. Offering a medium grain and light tone, homeowners choose it for its balance of strength and resilience, as well as its ability to stain beautifully and look excellent while painted as well. 

Satin Walnut

Most commonly referred to as Sweetgum, satin walnut is a species of eucalyptus that lines the luxury compartments of the Orient Express. Known for its gentle grain pattern and strength, it works well stained and painted as well. 


Offering a slightly warm tone, Cypress has a flowing grain in a wide range of variations. Technically harder than polar, cypress is a great choice for natural finishes. 

Knotty Alder

Knotty alder is a conifer offering a light, warm hue, and a unique character, featuring enough of a knot pattern to make it an interesting choice. Great with stains and clear finishes alike. 


Committed to Your Satisfaction

Blinds Brothers is a family-owned and operated business. We’re proud to say that throughout 25 years and three generations, we’ve served the Dallas/Fort Worth community and continue to exceed customer expectations. We believe in treating our customers right and guarantee 100% satisfaction with your purchase. Contact us today!

Good product, good prices, and great people. We got quotes from several blind and shutter companies and we have no regrets in choosing the Blinds Brothers.
Todd H.
Great local family owned DFW business. They took the time to show us amazing options and demonstrated onsite functionality that ultimately set them apart from the competition and earned our business. The shutters are beautiful and block out the western sun completely. We are so pleased we are going to have them install indoor shades to darken the bedrooms.
Bob P.
Terrific company to work with, start to finish. Install team was very professional. I couldn’t be happier with the results.
Sam G.
I'd absolutely recommend Blinds Brothers. First of all, they are a locally owned family business that is great to support. They were professional, trustworthy, and got the job done. They do high quality work and I’m extremely happy with the results.
Maribel T.
Definitely a professional and honorable company to work with. We highly recommend them and will use them again soon.
Susan S.
The Blinds Brothers team was a pleasure to work with. They were friendly, responsive and efficient. Their rates were competitive and they made the whole process so easy.
Laura Mo.

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