interior window shades in Fort Worth, TX

Interior Window Shades in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

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Transform your home with custom window shades that perfectly complement your living space.

Curtains and blinds, while practical, can also be a hassle to maintain. Blinds get dusty, curtains get musty, and suddenly your living space doesn’t look how you expected. For residents in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, Blinds Brothers has the solution in more than a few styles and options. Add a touch of privacy, sun protection, and style to your home with custom interior window shades and say goodbye to tacky curtains and blinds.

Let Blinds Brothers guide and help you decide the perfect shade solution for your interior window needs. Choose between a wide range of options, colors, and upgrades.

  • Keep Your Home Cool
  • Enhance Your Home’s Interior
  • Protect Your Furniture from Sun Damage
  • Block Out Light in Certain Rooms

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Get 10% Off All Products

Book Your Custom Project Now and Have Your Sun Control Ready for Spring 2024.
*Minimum purchase of $2000
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woven wood shades in Fort Worth, TX

Woven Wood Shades

Our Woven Wood Shade products are from select natural woods such as bamboo, grass, rattan, matchsticks, reed, and more. These types of interior shades also come in a variety of textures, patterns, and weaves that inspire various types of decor from a tropical island to a more modern style. To add privacy and control light in any room, our interior Woven Wood Shades have a fabric liner attached for total UV protection and a uniform look.

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roman shades in Fort Worth, TX

Roman Shades

These interior window shades are one of our largest collections with hundreds of fabric options and are easy to coordinate with any room. Perfect for either casual or formal room settings, these interior Roman shades evenly stack while raised and look even more luxurious when lowered. Browse our collection from soft flat-folds to sleek patterns and choose the best one for your home.

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roller shades in Fort Worth, TX

Roller Shades

Nothing beats a traditional, yet still modern, interior window shade design. The Roller Shades are some of our most timeless options because their modern edge works well for both commercial and residential settings. These interior shades also come in a variety of styles, fabrics, and even opacities that let you decide between a sheer or room darkening shade. Completely customizable, Roller Shades can also include decorative trims, pull cords, and more.

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Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb Shades, also known as Cellular Shades, are a soft yet completely durable interior window shade that gets its name from the honeycomb design that traps the air between the window and the room. This design creates an insulating power that buffers against both the heat during summers and heat loss during winters in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. Honeycomb Shades are also considered one of our most popular interior window shade options because of its clean style and wide sheer variety.

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window shadings in Fort Worth, TX

Window Shadings

Window shadings are a versatile shading solution that transforms light into a comforting glow. With fabric vanes suspended between two transparent sheer fabric panels, window shadings softly diffuse light, while providing an elegant and obstructed view. Our selection of Hunter Douglas window shades provide numerous options for filtering light–while providing the same functionality of traditional blinds.

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banded shades in Fort Worth, TX

Banded Shades

Hunter Douglas Banded Shades are the perfect way to control light in your home. These innovative shades mix the best features of a fabric roller shade with those of a sheer shade, providing multiple options for both light-control and privacy. With so many view-through options, banded shades are the quintessential way to accommodate your dynamic needs and lifestyle.

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Advanced Design Specs

Interior Screen Features

Privacy and Protection

Control the visibility of your home’s interior, no matter the room.

Heat & Glare Protection

Eliminate UV rays and protect your eyes and furniture from sun damage.

Lower Energy Bills

Help regulate room temperatures and save money on energy bills.

Outward Visibility

Maintain total privacy without compromising beautiful outdoor views.

Custom Fitting

Custom fit any interior shade to match your home’s dimensions.

Quality Interior Window Shades that Last

We’re proud to be the top interior window shade provider in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Our mission has always been to produce interior shades that last year after year. Our loyal customers continue to choose and refer us because we offer complete transparency about our products and exceptional customer service.

Find the perfect window treatment for your home in Dallas-Fort Worth. Check out our gallery for inspiration or contact us if you need help choosing between interior and exterior shades.

interior window shades in Fort Worth, TX
interior window shades in Fort Worth, TX

About Our Interior Window Shades

At Blinds Brothers, we take pride in being the premier provider of interior window shades across Dallas and Fort Worth. Our commitment is rooted in crafting durable interior shades designed to last. Our transparency about the quality of our products and our dedication to outstanding customer service is why our loyal customers choose us and recommend us to others.

Discover the ideal window treatment for your Dallas-Fort Worth home with us. Browse our gallery for a dose of inspiration, or get in touch if you're deliberating which interior shade option is best for your home. We're here to guide you to the perfect choice for your space.

Interior Shades Gallery

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Why Customers Love Our Interior Window Shades

Temperature Regulation

Reduce trips to the thermostat and regulate the temperature in your home with durable and insulated interior shades. They create an additional buffer between the window and the room to block out heat when it's hot or lock in warmth when it's cold. Improved temperature control provides more comfort and less money spent on monthly energy bills.

Increased Privacy

Our custom, motorized interior shades offer more than standard, often ill-fitting curtains and blinds. Some of our choices, such as the woven wood shades, have a fabric liner attached for additional privacy and UV blocking. The rest of our collection is made with various materials with different levels of openness to suit your privacy needs without obstructing the view.

Convenient Light Control

Control the daytime light with ease. Despite blocking out the heat of the sun's powerful rays, window shades don't entirely block out its natural light. With manual or motorized control, let in as little or as much sunlight as you desire. We even have special options to help you keep rooms as dark as possible during the brightest times of the day.

Style Variety

Don't settle for a big box store's limited color and fabric options. At Blinds Brothers, our collection of interior window shades includes hundreds of texture, pattern, weave, and color options to coordinate with your decor. Whether you are looking for something classic or modern, cozy or formal, we have the perfect fit.

Committed to Your Satisfaction

Blinds Brothers is a family-owned and operated business. We’re proud to say that throughout 25 years and three generations, we’ve served the Dallas-Fort Worth community and continue to exceed customer expectations. We believe in treating our customers right and guarantee 100% satisfaction with your purchase. Contact us today!

Good product, good prices, and great people. We got quotes from several blind and shutter companies and we have no regrets in choosing the Blinds Brothers.
Todd H.
Great local family owned DFW business. They took the time to show us amazing options and demonstrated onsite functionality that ultimately set them apart from the competition and earned our business. The shutters are beautiful and block out the western sun completely. We are so pleased we are going to have them install indoor shades to darken the bedrooms.
Bob P.
I would absolutely recommend Blinds Brothers. First of all, they are a locally owned family business that is great to support. They were professional, trustworthy, and got the job done. They do high-quality work and I’m extremely happy with the results.
Maribel T.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Blinds Brothers is a family owned and operated business. Three generations have been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Area for over 25 years. We believe in treating our customers right and we guarantee that you'll be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Give us a call!

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Providing Window Shades in DFW For A Quarter of a Century

Blinds Brothers has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth region for more than 25 years. We've come to understand the needs of homeowners in the area in order to increase the comfort of their homes. Our shades are specially designed to keep homes cool during the hottest months that Texas has to offer, and totally private year-round. If you're uncertain whether we serve your location, feel free to give us a call, and we'll gladly inform you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of interior window shades?

Interior window shades can add privacy and sun protection to your Dallas-Fort Worth home. With less heat and glare, your home will be cooler, your energy bills will be lower, and your furniture will be protected from sun damage.

Which window shades should I install for my home?

Blinds Brothers offers a wide selection of interior window shades, such as woven wood shades, roman shades, roller shades, and honeycomb shades to name a few. The best window shades for your home will be the ones that meet your aesthetic and functional needs, such as the level of privacy, materials, pull cords, etc. Contact us to learn more about which window shades are right for you.

Transform Your Home Today

Contact us today to discuss your project. Our interior window shades are the right solution for both residential and commercial spaces. Install interior shades in living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, office spaces, storefronts, and more. We offer free estimates without commitment. Schedule your appointment today!

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