Window Treatment Trends: Ideas for the New Year

January 18, 2020

Window treatment trends can change with the seasons but are something every home needs. Having beautifully covered windows is something everyone strives for because window treatments can make or break the look of a room. There are lots of window treatment treads, but we'll cover a few of them and answer the questions you didn’t think to ask.

Window Treatments Trending for 2020

Roman Shades

Of all the window treatment ideas, roman shades are one that has lasted throughout the years and is clean and modern. One of the best ways to achieve this look is with roman shades. They have straight lines for that modern feel. They come in all sorts of patterns and colors so you can find the perfect match for your room. They can let in light or not let any light in. According to the material they are made from you can get them more see-through or a more opaque one and the type of material is almost endless.

High Tech Window Treatments

A window treatment that opens and closes, at the push of a button, from just about anywhere, is definitely a trend that is up and coming. You could be sitting at the kitchen table or making dinner and you would be able to open the curtains in another room. Window Treatment Trends that use your smartphone can let you close them even if you are at work. These make it easy to close out the heat of the sun or the cold of the winter, and you don’t have to be home to do it.


Shutters give you a great alternative for your window that is easy to open and close. Plantation shutters are a favorite for their classy look. They come in faux wood and real wood. You can get the in horizontal or vertical lines, and just about any color. They even make motorized ones and insulated ones.

Floor to Ceiling Curtains

Floor to ceiling drapes add a luxurious look and become a statement piece. It is said that they do give a room a more unified look instead of breaking up the wall with a window. You can get them to blackout a room so it would be energy efficient. They give any room an elegant style.

Window Treatment Hardware

Hardware is almost as important as the window treatments. They come in so many styles now that you can get just about kind. They give any room more polish while holding your drapes up beautifully. The plain old curtain rods have come a long way and can now achieve any look you want so don’t forget about the hardware.

The Bottom Line on 2020 Window Treatment Trends

These are just some of the best window trim ideas available but there are even more. As window treatment trends go, these are 5 of the most popular options. With so many window treatment ideas out there, you should be able to find the one that is right for you and the style that you love. In your window trim ideas, don’t forget the hardware.Contact Blinds Brothers today for more information on any kind of indoor or outdoor window treatment.

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