What Shades Are Best for Privacy?

April 2, 2019

Aside from performing the vital tasks of heat and energy management, your window treatments can also perform other vital functions. One such function is providing privacy, acting as the all-important barrier between prying eyes and you. If you’re in the market for privacy shades, you’ve probably been wondering about what kind will work the best in your home. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few of the types of window treatments that have been proven to get the job done in a stylish and efficient manner.

Wooden Shutters

Slatted wood shutters make for a good mix of privacy and light permeation. Plantation-style shutters are attractive window treatments that come in a variety of styles and finishes. When you decide you don’t want anyone looking in, the slats can be adjusted, similar to mini-blinds. Find the right angle, and you may even get a degree of one-way visibility – you’ll be able to see outside, but passersby trying to look inside won’t see anything.

Faux Wood Blinds

Speaking of wood: If you like the look of it, give faux wood blinds a chance. Many faux wood blinds are designed for very tight closure, allowing greater privacy and control over how much light gets through. The synthetic wood can often be cheaper than the genuine article, while also resisting warping. These blinds may seem simple, but they can be a good option for a practical homeowner who isn’t looking to overcomplicate things.

Roller Shades

If you can rely on roller shades to darken a room, chances are you can also rely on them to act as privacy shades. They provide a clean, seamless look that still allows light to filter through. To fully customize the degree of privacy, make sure you’re weighing the options presented by different fabrics, liners, and layers.

Honeycomb Shades

Also known as cellular shades, honeycomb shades are designed to filter and/or completely block light. This effect is obviously negated if you choose a sheer fabric, but with the majority of other fabrics, you can rely on them for privacy. Additionally, using a top-down/bottom-up lift system adds a degree of control. Do you want a bit of light coming in through the top of a window while keeping the bottom secluded? This is the perfect option to make it happen.

Woven Shades

These are the privacy shades to select if you want a more naturalistic look. Woven from organic materials like bamboo, reeds, and grasses, they’re surprisingly durable and can be customized for blocking outside views into your home. Choose a privacy liner, and your windows will be all set. Privacy shades are necessary for any security-focused homeowner. If you’re not satisfied with your windows and the lines of sight they allow into your home, contact Blinds Brothers today. We’ll get you started on the path to safety, security, and stylish window treatments.

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