What is a Valance? Key Differences Between Cornices and Valances

October 17, 2019

It can be challenging to know proper window treatment terminology. You may feel confused when trying to understand the difference between a valance and a cornice. Both of them can provide a decorative appearance at the top of windows in a home. There are significant differences between them, however, and they cannot be used interchangeably.What Is A Valance?A valance resembles a short drapery panel. It is designed to sit only at the top of a window. It can be installed using a drapery or curtain rod. A valance can also be stapled to a backboard. It is designed to have a soft appearance. A valance can also provide a formal or casual appearance. This will depend on the style of the room where it is being utilized. The fabric hanging freely at a window's top will quickly create interest. This increases when a valance is paired with another type of window treatment. When on a window is by itself, a valance can provide the appearance of a fully decked out window. This is important when a person doesn't want to block a great view provided by a window but still has a desire to create some type of visual interest. A simple valance is considered one of the most casual and basic window treatments available.

What Is A Cornice?

This is known as a hardtop treatment. It is often done by upholstering a shaped board. Fabric is placed on a cornice, and it is then pulled tight. The fabric is not able to hang loose at the bottom as part of the window treatment. You can have your cornice made into any size or shape. They can be created with two or more fabrics. Some of them will also come with contrasting welt trim. Certain types of cornices are made completely out of wood and aren't upholstered. With a wood cornice, it can have certain features like crown molding and other different types of applied trims. Some can come with other types of decorative details.

Differences Between Cornices And Valances

Both a cornice and a valance provide window treatment in very different ways. If someone is interested in hiding the hardware of window treatment or trying to add some color to a room, a cornice is a wonderful addition to a home's interior design. The major difference between a cornice and valance is how they are constructed. A cornice is a hard top treatment. The fabric utilized with this window treatment is designed to upholster a board with no fabric hanging loosely to the bottom. A cornice comes in many different sizes and shapes. They can be used with a variety of different fabrics for any look you want for the windows in a room.

The Bottom Line on Valences and Cornices

Some people prefer to have windows with the structured appearance provided by a cornice. In other situations, valances provide the soft feel that often works well with the windows in rooms. These two different window treatments provide you with flexibility in creating interest in the entire wall where a window is located. Contact Blinds Brothers today to get your free estimate on all kinds of window treatments.

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