How Using Solar Screens for Windows Can Cool Your Home

March 25, 2024

As the summer months approach, homeowners across the United States are looking for effective ways to keep their homes cool without relying solely on air conditioning. Fortunately, one innovative solution that has gained popularity is solar screens for windows. 

In this short blog, find out what solar screens are, how they work, and how effective they are at reflecting heat so that you can determine if solar screens are a solution you want to invest in.

What Are Solar Screens for Windows?

Solar screens are a type of window covering made from durable, tightly woven material such as PVC-coated polyester or fiberglass, which can help to reduce the amount of heat and sunlight that enters a room. They’re typically mounted on the exterior of windows and work by absorbing, reflecting, and dissipating solar heat and glare before they penetrate the glass. This not only reduces the heat gain inside your home but can protect your furnishings from harmful UV rays and significantly cut down on glare. Available in various colors and densities, solar screens offer a shading solution that can be both stylish and effective.

Do Solar Window Screens Work?

Absolutely! Solar window screens have been proven to be effective at reducing indoor temperatures on scorching summer days, as well as milder ones. By blocking a significant portion of the sun's rays, solar screens can help you maintain a cooler home environment, and as a result, reduce your air conditioning costs. Moreover, they can also provide added privacy and reduce glare, making your indoor spaces more comfortable and enjoyable.

How Effective Are Solar Window Screens?

When it comes to improving energy efficiency and reducing solar heat gain in your home, solar window screens can be highly effective. Studies have shown that solar screens can block up to 90% of solar heat and UV rays, which can reduce the temperature inside your home by as much as 15 degrees. This makes rooms more comfortable during the peak heat of the day and decreases the reliance on air conditioning. In addition to cooling benefits, solar screens also contribute to the longevity of your interior furnishings by protecting them from direct sunlight exposure, which can fade and damage fabrics, flooring, and furniture over time.

A Note About Placement & Openness

Something to keep in mind is that where you install your solar screens on your windows, and their specific “openness factor,” or how much of the screen is open versus covered, matters. Solar screens installed on the outside of windows tend to block more heat compared to those installed inside. This is because the screens can catch the sun's rays before they even hit the glass of your window, reducing the amount of heat that gets through. 

Moreover, the "openness factor” or “shading coefficient” of a screen determines how tightly woven it is, affecting not only how much light and heat it blocks but also how clear your view is from the inside. A higher openness factor means more light and visibility but slightly less heat reduction, while a lower openness factor increases heat blockage but will decrease outward visibility. 

If your main goal is to significantly reduce heat gain and save on cooling costs, installing screens on the exterior of your windows, with a higher shading coefficient, would be the most effective solution. If you are mainly concerned with reducing glare and maintaining privacy, interior screens with a lower shading coefficient may be a more suitable option.

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