Effects of Sun Exposure to the Home

August 24, 2021

The sun is a vital natural resource. The bright star produces light, warmth, and nutrients that people, plants, and animals need to survive. The solar body can also elicit other positive attributes like providing natural energy to feed the resources needed to maintain electric and fossil fuel power inside the home.That said, however, excessive sun exposure poses certain potentially detrimental and costly hazards impacting one's residence.

The Potential Adverse Effects Of Sun Exposure On A Home


Arguably, the most significant negative impact the sun has on a residence's interior is fading due to the sun's bright and powerful rays.When this natural resource continually illuminates certain fabrics and materials, said items could fade. Decorative products like furniture and carpeting ultimately lose their visual appeal.Over time, impacted items take on an aged appearance. Said occurrences render the stricken decor as aged and worn. This can have a profound impact on the way a home is perceived by those guests coming to visit.Residences appearing in such conditions may garner less interest from prospective purchasers when the owner places the property up for sale. Moreover, homes possessing interior damage often linger on the public market for extended periods and do not always sell for their original list prices.

Material Degradation

The heat and illumination the sun generates ultimately contribute to material degradation. Homes typically contain numerous products containing wood and plastic. These two materials are notorious for suffering sun exposure's ill effects.Deteriorated wood and plastic items detract from their aesthetic appearance. More importantly, however, such occurrences could prove hazardous.Weakened wood may eventually splinter or break. Should such events take place on commonly traversed or frequented items, like staircases, chairs, or beds, serious injuries could result.Furthermore, degraded plastics could pose a threat to one's physical health. These products often contain chemicals capable of polluting the surrounding air, in addition to contaminating food and water supplies.

Fouled Wall Decor

Sunlight exposure often has a direct adverse influence over wall decors such as paint and wallpaper. Sections of such materials continually exposed to the sun's light and warmth often fade quickly resulting in chipping, peeling, and dimming.

Costly Repairs

Any of the preceding issues will ultimately require some type of repair or replacement effort. In many instances, such remediation must be performed by trained professionals, are a time-consuming endeavor, and is often quite expensive.

Counter Efforts

In consideration of these facts, many homeowners wonder what countermeasures they can employ.One often effective effort is the installation of window treatments. These safeguards come in different shapes and sizes. Commonly utilized items include shutters, blinds, and blackout curtains.Simple efforts like drawing these items to cover impacted windows during daylight hours could play an appreciable role in preventing chronic sunlight exposure and significantly reduce one's chances of encountering associated untoward problems.

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