Blinds vs Curtains: Key Differences and When to Use Each

June 19, 2019

Choosing blinds or curtains for living room depends on your furnishings and style of your home. When it comes to the faceoff of blinds vs curtains, curtains are often made of fabric while blinds come in a wide variety of styles. There are several factors to consider when deciding between curtains and blinds. One of the most important factors is cost.

Blinds Vs Curtains

Both blinds and curtains are seen in most households across the country. Blinds usually come with a headrail, a bottom rail, and adjustable slats. They're often used to keep out light and for privacy. They can also be used to open up and allow light into your home.Blinds are the most affordable window covering options. If you're on a budget and shopping for new window coverings, then you should look into blinds. Aluminum mini blinds and faux wood blinds are stylish and fit in with everyone's budget. Since blinds run on individual slats, they can be easily repaired.Broken blinds are often easy to fix if they get damaged. If the slats are broken, then they can be glued together or replaced. Aluminum blinds and faux wood blinds are also easy to clean and maintain, which makes them less likely to fade or stain over time than other types of window coverings.Curtains are often used for a decorative purpose. Unlike blinds, curtains are often installed outside of the window and may only cover a small portion of the window. They often can become a focal point of a bedroom. Some curtains are short and only reach the bottom of the window sill while others touch the floor.You can use curtains and blinds. Curtains can be used to protect your blinds. When you're combining them, you're prolonging the life of both of these window treatments. Curtains also act as dust repellants. While you still should clean them on a regular basis, they're easier to remove.Curtains are the perfect complement to your blinds. They can also add an interesting element to the colors, patterns, and textures of the materials used in your blinds. They're also ideal for adding color to any space.

Costs & Installation

The cost for blinds or curtains depends on the materials, quality, and whether they're easy to install. Curtains are usually made from cotton or a cotton blend and often cost less than $10. Curtains cost $1,000 and up when they're made from woven linen or other luxurious fabrics. Blinds cost as low as $8 without installation.Both blinds and curtains are ideal for DIY projects or with someone who feels comfortable with most basic tools, home improvement projects, and skills. If you hire a professional to install your blinds, then the labor could cost between $160 to $750 depending on the materials used.The installation of curtains ranges from $400 to $600 for most DIY projects. Professional installation can range from $2,000 to $5,000. Whether you want to install curtains or blinds, it's best to have professional installers take several measurements since they can't always guarantee the fit. Contact Blinds Brothers today to get your free estimate.

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